The Alien Within

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

The Alien Within was written by Robin Martin and published by Bennet Lane Press in 2017.

The sequel to My Alien, a book I also reviewed on this site, is every bit as good as the first book. Archimedes reappears as Rion’s guardian and immediately turns Rion’s world upside down. He begins by taking all memory of Rion away from Zoe, so that Rion won’t get involved with her again, and forces Rion to go back to school. Zoe is trying to move on with her life but she can’t really because she feels like she has forgotten something extremely important. Both of them have to adjust to their new lives, his as a human, and hers without memory of him.

I really liked this book. I felt that it was every bit as good as the first one and then some. It was well-written and the plot seemed completely thought-out. This is one of the better YA books.