The Elves of Cintra

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The Elves of Cintra was written by Terry Brooks and published by Del Rey Books in 2007.

Continuing the story that was introduced in Armageddon’s Children we now focus on the elves. Hence, the title.

This book opens on Logan and the street kids right after Hawk and Tessa are thrown from the walls. Logan feels like he failed in his mission and now he has nothing else to do except get the rest of the Ghosts to safety. They start making plans immediately but they are almost to late. The once-men come and it’s only Logan’s quick thinking that gets all of them away in time. Well, almost all of them. Spoilers!

Kirisin and Erisha are still searching the Elven histories for mentions of the lodenstone. Culph, the librarian, is helping them at much risk to himself. This book focuses on their journey, from this library, to the lodenstone, and back again. Angel Perez is told by the Lady of the Word to leave the children that she rescued from the compounds with Helen and to join Kirisin. Angel provides support and protection from the demons that are trying to foil them.

I’m just going to say it. This book was not as good as the last one. It’s a purely personal thing though you might actually like this book better. I just feel that I am more invested in the lives of the Ghosts and because of that I find their story more interesting to read. Overall, this book was a good book and a worthy sequel to Armageddon’s Children. 



Armageddon’s Children

Armageddon’s Children was written by Terry Brooks and published by Orbit in 2006.

Brooks writes about a post-apocalyptic world where the last humans are holed up in compounds. Street kids and freaks roam the streets. Everyone’s worst fear is that one day the once men will appear.

Hawk is the leader of a group of street kids called the ghosts. They were called this because the haunted the ruins of their parents world. Hawk has a vision. He says that he will lead the ghosts into the promised land. Then, he will give them all new names, better names. But they have to stay alive until then.

Logan Tom is a knight of the word. Maybe the last. He doesn’t know. All he does know is that the Lady of the Word is telling him to find the gypsy morph, Nest Freemark’s son. The gypsy morph will know how to save humanity. Once, long ago, Knights of the word dreamed of what would happen if they didn’t fulfill their quest. That isn’t so anymore. That terrible future has come to pass. They’re living it. Now, dreams of their past haunt them.

Angel Perez is another Knight of the Word. Like Logan, she too believes that she is all alone. She goes ahead of the once men and tries to save the compounds. Most people don’t believe her stories of the once men. They believe they are safe within the compounds. Only the mothers and children who believe her make it out alive. On one of her escapes, she makes the mistake of running afoul of a demon called Delloreen. For the safety of the mothers and the children, she leaves them with a new quest from the Lady of the Word.

Kirisin is one of the Chosen. What are the Chosen? A group of teenage elves chosen to serve the Ellcrys a tree that keeps the Forbidding intact. What is the Forbidding? A treaty that keeps the most dangerous demons safely locked away. The Ellcrys tells Kirisin that she is in danger and that he needs to encase her in the Black Lodenstone and take her to a place where she will be safe. Kirisin has the unpleasant job of convincing the Elven king that this is a good idea.

I liked this book. It is probably my favorite Terry Brooks book that I’ve read yet. My only problem with this book is that the four storylines get a tad confusing and like with all fantasy books that have multiple storylines you only really care about one of them.


Angel Fire East

Angel Fire East was written by Terry Brooks and published by Del Rey Books in 1999.

The next installation of this series ranks right under A Knight of the Word. While parts of it were fun and entertaining I found the book on the whole to be a little too heavy for my tastes.

In this third installation of The Word and The Void trilogy we return to Hopewell where 29-year-old Nest Freemark lives alone in her grandparents old house. She thinks that she’s spending Christmas all alone but a demon informs her that that is not so, he expects that John Ross should be paying her a visit in the future. When she comes home from church she sees a figure sitting on her backsteps. It’s not John Ross but Bennett Scott and her daughter, Harper. Nest welcomes them into her home and invites them to stay through the holidays.

Late that night there is a knock at the door. Nest opens it to see John Ross and a little boy she doesn’t recognize. John introduces the boy as a gypsy morph and explains that he is the reason all of those demons are in Hopewell. Both sides want to try and unlock the power of the gypsy morph and they feel like Nest might be the key.

I enjoyed this book. Like I said before, it ranks under the previous book in this trilogy but it’s still a solid book.

A Knight of the Word

A Knight of the Word was written by Terry Brooks and published by Del Rey Books in 1998.

We return to the story of John Ross and Nest Freemark but their lives are completely different. Nest is in college and John Ross no longer considers himself a knight of the Word. If you are looking for another book about Nest in her friends this is not the book for you. Nest has been moved from the main character spot to an important supporting character and the only person from her group of friends in the previous story that makes an appearance is Robert and his part is barely a cameo.

At the beginning of this book Nest is pondering over whether or not she should sell her house in Hopewell. With both of her grandparents dead and Nest spending most of her time at college she doesn’t know whether it is worth it or not to keep the house. She doesn’t even know if she plans to move back to Hopewell after college.

Meanwhile, John Ross, after a traumatic failure, has resigned from being a Knight of the Word. He will not head the people the Lady sends to tell him that it’s not his choice to decide whether or not he is still a knight or not. He refuses to believe that right now he is easy prey for demons and that he will easily be turned by the Void. That is why the Lady sends Nest to see if she can change his mind and get him to resume his position as a Knight.

As you can probably tell, I wasn’t happy that this story focused mostly on John Ross and not Nest. I think that Nest is a much more interesting character than John is and that John does better in the supporting character role. I think this is a good book as a stand-alone but as a sequel it disappoints.

Running With the Demon

Running With the Demon was written by Terry Brooks and published by Del Ray Books in 1997.

Nest Freemark is a 14 year old girl who at first glance might seem completely average. You would be very wrong in your assumption. She’s best friends with a sylvan named Pick and is very familiar with the magic side of the park that Pick is caretaker of. Some of that magic lives inside her too. She can make people lose complete control of themselves with just a thought. It scares he though and her grandmother warns her to never use it unless it is a life or death situation. She never needs to use it anyway since she has Wraith, a huge dog who sometimes seems like a ghost, to protect her from the feeders, creatures who serve the Void and feed off of the bad feelings and actions of people. When something mysterious and possibly terrible about her family history is revealed to her by the ghosts of the Sinissippi and John Ross appears in town saying that he knew her mother Nest struggles to come to terms with her family history.

I enjoyed this book. I think it is much better than the original Shannara trilogy and worth the read. Would recommend to fans of Lord of the Rings and people who don’t get dissuaded from books due to overly long descriptions of every little thing.

The Sword of Shannara

The Sword of Shannara was written by Terry Brooks and published in 1977 by The Random House Publishing Group.

Brooks writes about the conflict between man and the supernatural. It is not a fair fight but with planning and ingenuity, not to mention a magic sword, man just has a chance.

Shea Ohmsford was a normal guy until he met Allanon and his whole world got turned upside down. Allanon tells Shea that he is the only heir to Jerle Shannara and so only he can use the Sword of Shannara to destroy the Warlock Lord. Together with some friends, Shea and Allanon embark on a quest to find the Sword of Shannara and destroy the Warlock Lord.

This book was a little slow at the beginning but it picked up towards the middle and the end. Overall, I liked this book.