Solaris Seethes

I received a free book from Online Book Club in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Solaris Seethes is a book about the anger and heartbreak of being betrayed by someone you trusted. It is much more than that though. Janet McNulty artfully twists themes of friendship and purpose into this action-packed, sci-fi novel.

Rynah is from the planet Lanyr. She comes in late to work because the love of her life, Klanor, had proposed to her that morning. Little does she know that it was all a ploy and his real purpose is to his hands on the crystal that she is guarding. That day he makes his move stealing the crystal and destroying Lanyr. Now Rynah, with the help of her spaceship Solaris, has to recruit four humans from the primitive Terra Sector to help her find the rest of the crystals and stop Klanor. Together they embark on a quest following an ancient prophecy that Rynah had always thought meant nothing.

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