Armageddon’s Children

Armageddon’s ChildrenĀ was written by Terry Brooks and published by Orbit in 2006.

Brooks writes about a post-apocalyptic world where the last humans are holed up in compounds. Street kids and freaks roam the streets. Everyone’s worst fear is that one day the once men will appear.

Hawk is the leader of a group of street kids called the ghosts. They were called this because the haunted the ruins of their parents world. Hawk has a vision. He says that he will lead the ghosts into the promised land. Then, he will give them all new names, better names. But they have to stay alive until then.

Logan Tom is a knight of the word. Maybe the last. He doesn’t know. All he does know is that the Lady of the Word is telling him to find the gypsy morph, Nest Freemark’s son. The gypsy morph will know how to save humanity. Once, long ago, Knights of the word dreamed of what would happen if they didn’t fulfill their quest. That isn’t so anymore. That terrible future has come to pass. They’re living it. Now, dreams of their past haunt them.

Angel Perez is another Knight of the Word. Like Logan, she too believes that she is all alone. She goes ahead of the once men and tries to save the compounds. Most people don’t believe her stories of the once men. They believe they are safe within the compounds. Only the mothers and children who believe her make it out alive. On one of her escapes, she makes the mistake of running afoul of a demon called Delloreen. For the safety of the mothers and the children, she leaves them with a new quest from the Lady of the Word.

Kirisin is one of the Chosen. What are the Chosen? A group of teenage elves chosen to serve the Ellcrys a tree that keeps the Forbidding intact. What is the Forbidding? A treaty that keeps the most dangerous demons safely locked away. The Ellcrys tells Kirisin that she is in danger and that he needs to encase her in the Black Lodenstone and take her to a place where she will be safe. Kirisin has the unpleasant job of convincing the Elven king that this is a good idea.

I liked this book. It is probably my favorite Terry Brooks book that I’ve read yet. My only problem with this book is that the four storylines get a tad confusing and like with all fantasy books that have multiple storylines you only really care about one of them.