Out of the Ordinary

I received a free copy of this book from the Bethany House Blogger Review program in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Out of the Ordinary by Jen Turano is a book about Gertrude Cadawalader  who is a paid companion to a Mrs. Davenport. Gertrude has her hands full as Mrs. Davenport has an affinity for engaging in actions of a criminal nature, namely stealing. Gertrude has also recently become a subject of gossip pertaining to her close friendship with a Harrison Sinclair who was considered one of the most eligible bachelors of this time. Needless to say, Gertrude has her hands full.

The book opens with Gertrude looking for Mrs. Davenport who had disappeared about an hour ago which means she has had plenty of time to get up to her usual hijinks. Now at this time Gertrude is wearing a bustle crafted out of a birdcage by the aforementioned Mrs. Davenport. Needless to say she is very uncomfortable. In her search for Mrs. Davenport Gertrude sees a perfect hiding spot for her employer. As she was inspecting it, she falls onto a couch and her bustle breaks pinning her to the couch. She is soon found by Clementine Flowerdew who attempts to blackmail her by saying she will help Gertrude get free of the couch if Gertrude agrees to introduce her to Harrison. Gertrude refuses and Clementine immediately gets angry saying she will tell everyone that she saw Gertrude trying to steal the painting that very unfortunately was hanging above the couch that Gertrude was currently pined to. She leaves Gertrude to wait for someone to come find her.

I liked this book. It doesn’t have much of a real climax but Turano managed to weave many little side stories to the main plotline very tactfully. Would recommend.


The Dragon and the Raven

I recently read The Dragon and the Raven by G. A. Henty.

Thus book is about a Saxon named Edmund who has to fight off Norse invaders. He teaches the unorganized Saxons to fight and slowly they begin to have more and more victories. One day, Edmund gets captured by Norsemen but his life is saved when a horse whinnies and the Norsemen take it as a sign from the gods that his life is to be spared. Edmund is made a slave to Siegbert with whose daughter Edmund falls in love. Siegbert soon becomes friends with Edmund and sets him free but not before Edmund promises Freda, Siegbert’s daughter, that he would come back for her.

I did not like this book. Henty has a very slow-paced style of writing which makes me tired of the book before even the first chapter is over. I would not recommend this book.

On the Incarnation

On the Incarnation was written by Saint Athanasius with an Introduction by C. S. Lewis translated by John Behr and published in 2011 by St. Vladimir’s Seminary press.

I did not like this book and would not recommend reading it. The introduction by C. S. Lewis was very good but I found the rest of the book to be boring. If you are looking for an old theological book to read I would recommend Confessions by Saint Augustine, on which I also have a review, over this one.