Death on the Nile

Ok so first I want to say sorry for not posting for so long I’ve been really busy.

Death on the NileĀ is my next installation to my Hercule Poirot series. Basically the scene starts out on a boat. Linnet Ridgeway asks Hercule Poirot if he can get rid of Jacqueline De Bellefort. Hercule Poirot asks why and the story unfolds. Jacqueline was engaged to marry Simon Doyle. She asked Linnet to give him a job. Linnet says she will have to interview Simon first. The two meet and instantly fall in love. They get married right away. Jacqueline, needless to say, is angry. She follows them everywhere they go on they’re honeymoon. She doesn’t threaten them, touch them, or do anything wrong to them. She’s just there and because of her ceaseless presence, the two cannot enjoy themselves. Poirot tells Linnet that since Jacqueline is not doing anything to him he can do nothing. he advises her to try to ignore her and enjoy herself. Linnet begins to do just that. Seeing that her strategy has failed, Jacqueline shoots Simon in a fit of rage. She instantly regrets it. Later, Linnet is found dead. Who did it if both Jacqueline and Simon were proved to be in their rooms all night?