Lord Edgeware Dies

Jane Wilkinson brags about how much she would like to kill her husband. The next day he is dead and quite a few people testify that she was the last person to see him alive. But an equal amount of people if not more testify to her being at a dinner party during the time which the murder was committed. If Jane did not kill her husband then who did? And how do you explain that she was in two places at once?

Basically the two prime suspects for this story are Jane Wilkinson and Carlotta Adams. I’ll write both their bios and leave it to you to decide who did it.

Name: Jane Wilkinson

Motive: Wants to marry the Duke of Merton. Has bragged in the past about how she wants to get rid of her husband.

Suspicious Circumstances: People  say that she was the last person to see her husband alive.

Name: Carlotta Adams

Motive: None

Suspicious Circumstances: Can do a spot-on impression of Jane. A briefcase was found with makeup and a wig in it.


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