Issaura’s Claws

Issaura’s Claws was written by Katharine E. Wibell and published by Phaesporia Press in 2016.

Wibell centers on racism in this story. She tells how the theriomorphs are oppressed by the humans and how, as a result, both groups don’t trust each other. She also tells how the two groups put aside there differences and work together to stop a new threat.

Lluava is the main character in this book. When the king announces a draft she volunteers to go not knowing that as a girl, she will not be trained to fight. She makes lots of friends and soon emerges as a prominent figure in the resistance against the raiders. Some people think that she is the descendant of Issaura, one of their gods.

Varren is Lluava’s partner in the war. That means that they help each other and they fight together. An unusual thing about this pairing is that Varren is the heir to the throne.

Chat is a boy who was sent to war because he was a theriomorph. On the way to the camps he meet Lluava and they become friends.

Rosalyn makes friends with Lluava after Lluava saved her life. She is content with her role as a nurse in the war and is actually very good at it.

This story is set in Theria a mythical world of humans and therians. At the time of this book, Theria is at war with the raiders.

There isn’t really a climax to this book since this whole book is filled with action and you’re always wondering: whats going to happen next?

I really enjoyed this book. It was well-written and had just the right amount of suspense. I would definitely  recommend it.


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