Twelve Caesars

This week I am reviewing Twelve Caesars written by Suetonius. I will do so by writing a short paragraph on each of the Caesars and a conclusion.

Julius Caesar was the first Caesar. He is credited with founding that kind of government. There is not a lot to mention during his reign since he was assassinated after only five years in office.

Next Caesar is Augustus. He is often called the father of Rome. He had very few bad qualities. The most important thing that happened during his reign was that Jesus was born.

Next we have Tiberius. He was cautious, careful and he wanted to help Rome. Once he got on the throne though he became really evil.

Gaius is the next Caesar. Even though Rome thought he would be great, he had no good qualities. Suetonius described him as a monster.

Claudius started out as a humble, honest Caesar. He soon became timid and paranoid. He trusted no one and had many innocent people killed.

Nero is often thought of as the most evil Caesar. The truth is that early on in his reign he was merciful and generous. Later, he went crazy. Some people thought he was the Antichrist.

The next three Caesars didn’t reign very long. Galba ruled for a little over a year. Otho and Vitellus both ruled for less than a year. Not much happened during their reigns.

Vespasian is the father of the two next Caesars. He had many good qualities, His only vice was that he raised money in questionable ways.

Titus was the first son of Vespasian. He was very generous and had no bad qualities. During his reign, Christianity spread.

Domitian was the second son of Vespasian. Unlike his brother and father, he was very cruel and had few good qualities. He was the last Caesar.

I didn’t really enjoy this book. It was hard to keep all of the Caesars from running together. Personally, I would just read this book review instead of the actual book.


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