The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

Dr. James Sheppard, the narrator of this book, is invited by Roger Ackroyd to dinner. While he is there they discuss Mrs.  Ferrars who was blackmailed after she killed her husband. Ackroyd says that if he ever finds out who blackmailed Mrs. Ferrars he’d make him pay. At about this time he gets a letter from Mrs. Ferrars saying the name of her blackmailer. Despite urging from Dr. James Sheppard, her refuses to read the letter. Reluctantly, Dr. Sheppard goes home. Later, he receives a call from Parker saying that Ackroyd has been murdered. When he arrives at the house Parker denies ever calling him. Together they break into Ackroyd’s study. They find that he has been murdered.

Name: Dr. James Sheppard

Motive: no apparent motives

Suspicious Circumstances: He was alone with Roger Ackroyd for ten minutes that are unaccounted for in the book

Name: Ralph Paton


  • money
  • revenge
  • freedom

Suspicious Circumstances: Went into hiding after the murder

Name: Miss Russell

Motive: None

Suspicious Circumstances: Inquisitive about poisons

Name: Mrs. Cecil Ackroyd


  • money
  • independence
  • revenge

Suspicious Circumstances: none

Name: Flora Ackroyd

Motive: money

Suspicious Circumstances: Defended Ralph even when it looked bad for him

Name: Parker

Motive: none apparent

Suspicious Circumstances: had blackmailed his previous employer

Name: Geoffrey Raymond

Motive: money

Suspicious Circumstances: was low on money

Name: Major Blunt

Motive: love for Flora

Suspicious Circumstances: none

Name: Ursula Borne


  • money
  • anger
  • revenge

Suspicious Circumstances:

  • was leaving
  • Roger Ackroyd had been angry with her earlier

Name: Charles Kent

Motive: None

Suspicious Circumstances: asked Dr. Sheppard the way to Fernly Park



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