The Mysterious Affair at Styles

mpbooks: Today on mpbooks we are debuting a new segment entitled Hercule Poirot. Instead of writing a traditional book review, I will write a synopsis of whatever Poirot book I just finished, and a list of possible suspects, their motives, and suspicious circumstances. This week, I am doing The Mysterious Affair at Styles.

The story opens with Arthur Hastings going to visit his friend, John Cavendish, at his house, Styles. During his visit, Emily Cavendish, John’s mother, is murdered. Hercule Poirot soon arrives on the scene and they begin to get down to the business of which member of the household killed Mrs. Cavendish.

Name: Alfred Inglethorp

Motive: Money

Suspicious Circumstances:

  • Recently married to the deceased
  • was overheard arguing with Emily
  • everyone,especially Evelyn Howard, seems to think he did it
  • Was seen buying poison
  • denies the last bullet point but refuses to say  where he actually was

Name: John Cavendish

Motive: he is the vested remainderman at Styles

Suspiscious Circumstances:

  • was also overheard arguing with his mother
  • there is evidence to suggest that he obtained poison

Name: Lawrence Cavendish

Motive: money

Suspicious Circumstances: Maintains that the murder was suicide when it obviously wasn’t

Name: Mary Cavendish

Motive: married to John Cavendish so she would indirectly inherit the estate

Suspicious Circumstances:Admitted that she could have easily overheard the argument but refuses to say who was arguing with Mrs. Cavendish

Name: Cynthia Murdoch

Motive: Revenge

Suspicious Circumstances: Could have easily poisoned Mrs. Cavendish

Name: Evelyn Howard

Motive: anger after being dismissed by Mrs. Cavendish

Suspicious Circumstances: None


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