The Chapel Car Bride

This book was given to me by Bethany House Blogger Review Program in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

A chapel car is a train car that looks like a sanctuary inside with a tiny living space. This is what Reverend Irvine and his daughter Hope travel in. Reverend Irvine preaches and Hope plays the organ, sings, and teaches the children. At Finch, one of  the towns the chapel car stops at, Hope meets two young men. Luke is a struggling coal miner who has dreams of becoming a pastor. Kirby is an unhappy mine manager who was sent there by his father and is looking for a way out. When Kirby offers to take Hope to the neighboring villages to teach the children Hope quickly agrees. Luke suspects that Kirby has an ulterior motive.

The Chapel Car Bride was written by Judith Miller and published by Bethany House Publishers in 2017.

Miller writes about the conflict between right and wrong. Luke ultimately represents the right although he makes a few mistakes while Kirby represents the wrong even though he does do a few charitable acts. Hope is suspended between the two men not knowing who to trust. She suspects Luke of being jealous of Kirby and she wants to believe that not all mine managers are the same but she does concede that Luke knows more about these things than she does.

Hope  wants to do what is right and serve God while she’s in Finch. She thinks that Kirby’s offer to drive her to neighboring towns is an answer to prayer, and she never suspects that his motives are less than charitable. Soon he asks her to do something she knows is wrong with the threat of never taking her back to those towns. Hope wants to tell other people about God but she doesn’t want to betray Luke’s trust.

Luke has dreams of being a preacher someday. He starts to meet with Hope’s father every morning for Bible study and eventually starts preaching at some of the meetings. All the while he gets to know Hope better and better and begins to hope that they could become more than friends.

Kirby is the son of the owner of the mining company. He doesn’t take much interest in the business and was sent there by his father as a punishment for gambling in the hope that his son would become more responsible. Kirby’s only thoughts are to get out and to win the affection of Hope.

Nellie is Luke’s younger sister. She is about Hope’s age and the two girls become fast friends. Nellie goes with Kirby and Hope to the neighboring towns and she helps with Sunday School.

Finch is a little mining town in the middle of nowhere. The people in it don’t take well to newcomers and it is hard for Hope and her father to integrate themselves into the community. The woods are off-limits and when you hear that someone is “gardening” or “hunting” you can be sure that they’re in the woods.

I enjoyed this book. I thought that it was well-written and well-edited. I would definitely recommend this book to any of my friends.


The Eagle of the Ninth

The Eagle of the Ninth was written by Rosemary Sutcliff and published in 1954. It is a books about Great Britain during the period of Roman rule.

This book was assigned to me to read for school and honestly, I didn’t enjoy it. While the pacing picked up towards the end of the book, I found it difficult to push through the first few chapters. The story moved slowly and personally, I didn’t think it was too great of a plot. That isn’t to say the whole book was bad, though. I can honestly say that I enjoyed the last three chapters of this book. I felt like there was a lot more action in the chapters and the plot line took a turn for the better. So, in conclusion, I don’t think that this is the worst book you can be assigned, but I wouldn’t pick this book up on my own.

Twelve Caesars

This week I am reviewing Twelve Caesars written by Suetonius. I will do so by writing a short paragraph on each of the Caesars and a conclusion.

Julius Caesar was the first Caesar. He is credited with founding that kind of government. There is not a lot to mention during his reign since he was assassinated after only five years in office.

Next Caesar is Augustus. He is often called the father of Rome. He had very few bad qualities. The most important thing that happened during his reign was that Jesus was born.

Next we have Tiberius. He was cautious, careful and he wanted to help Rome. Once he got on the throne though he became really evil.

Gaius is the next Caesar. Even though Rome thought he would be great, he had no good qualities. Suetonius described him as a monster.

Claudius started out as a humble, honest Caesar. He soon became timid and paranoid. He trusted no one and had many innocent people killed.

Nero is often thought of as the most evil Caesar. The truth is that early on in his reign he was merciful and generous. Later, he went crazy. Some people thought he was the Antichrist.

The next three Caesars didn’t reign very long. Galba ruled for a little over a year. Otho and Vitellus both ruled for less than a year. Not much happened during their reigns.

Vespasian is the father of the two next Caesars. He had many good qualities, His only vice was that he raised money in questionable ways.

Titus was the first son of Vespasian. He was very generous and had no bad qualities. During his reign, Christianity spread.

Domitian was the second son of Vespasian. Unlike his brother and father, he was very cruel and had few good qualities. He was the last Caesar.

I didn’t really enjoy this book. It was hard to keep all of the Caesars from running together. Personally, I would just read this book review instead of the actual book.

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

Dr. James Sheppard, the narrator of this book, is invited by Roger Ackroyd to dinner. While he is there they discuss Mrs.  Ferrars who was blackmailed after she killed her husband. Ackroyd says that if he ever finds out who blackmailed Mrs. Ferrars he’d make him pay. At about this time he gets a letter from Mrs. Ferrars saying the name of her blackmailer. Despite urging from Dr. James Sheppard, her refuses to read the letter. Reluctantly, Dr. Sheppard goes home. Later, he receives a call from Parker saying that Ackroyd has been murdered. When he arrives at the house Parker denies ever calling him. Together they break into Ackroyd’s study. They find that he has been murdered.

Name: Dr. James Sheppard

Motive: no apparent motives

Suspicious Circumstances: He was alone with Roger Ackroyd for ten minutes that are unaccounted for in the book

Name: Ralph Paton


  • money
  • revenge
  • freedom

Suspicious Circumstances: Went into hiding after the murder

Name: Miss Russell

Motive: None

Suspicious Circumstances: Inquisitive about poisons

Name: Mrs. Cecil Ackroyd


  • money
  • independence
  • revenge

Suspicious Circumstances: none

Name: Flora Ackroyd

Motive: money

Suspicious Circumstances: Defended Ralph even when it looked bad for him

Name: Parker

Motive: none apparent

Suspicious Circumstances: had blackmailed his previous employer

Name: Geoffrey Raymond

Motive: money

Suspicious Circumstances: was low on money

Name: Major Blunt

Motive: love for Flora

Suspicious Circumstances: none

Name: Ursula Borne


  • money
  • anger
  • revenge

Suspicious Circumstances:

  • was leaving
  • Roger Ackroyd had been angry with her earlier

Name: Charles Kent

Motive: None

Suspicious Circumstances: asked Dr. Sheppard the way to Fernly Park


The Mysterious Affair at Styles

mpbooks: Today on mpbooks we are debuting a new segment entitled Hercule Poirot. Instead of writing a traditional book review, I will write a synopsis of whatever Poirot book I just finished, and a list of possible suspects, their motives, and suspicious circumstances. This week, I am doing The Mysterious Affair at Styles.

The story opens with Arthur Hastings going to visit his friend, John Cavendish, at his house, Styles. During his visit, Emily Cavendish, John’s mother, is murdered. Hercule Poirot soon arrives on the scene and they begin to get down to the business of which member of the household killed Mrs. Cavendish.

Name: Alfred Inglethorp

Motive: Money

Suspicious Circumstances:

  • Recently married to the deceased
  • was overheard arguing with Emily
  • everyone,especially Evelyn Howard, seems to think he did it
  • Was seen buying poison
  • denies the last bullet point but refuses to say  where he actually was

Name: John Cavendish

Motive: he is the vested remainderman at Styles

Suspiscious Circumstances:

  • was also overheard arguing with his mother
  • there is evidence to suggest that he obtained poison

Name: Lawrence Cavendish

Motive: money

Suspicious Circumstances: Maintains that the murder was suicide when it obviously wasn’t

Name: Mary Cavendish

Motive: married to John Cavendish so she would indirectly inherit the estate

Suspicious Circumstances:Admitted that she could have easily overheard the argument but refuses to say who was arguing with Mrs. Cavendish

Name: Cynthia Murdoch

Motive: Revenge

Suspicious Circumstances: Could have easily poisoned Mrs. Cavendish

Name: Evelyn Howard

Motive: anger after being dismissed by Mrs. Cavendish

Suspicious Circumstances: None