The Unaborted Socrates

Last week I finished The Unaborted Socrates by Peter Kreeft, published by InterVarsity Press in 1983.

This book is centered around the issue of whether or not the fetus is a person. Socrates’s opponents can never conclusively prove that it isn’t. Until the question is resolved, the argument can’t move forward.

The main character of this book is a modern day Socrates. I already introduced him in a former review so I won’t here. “Pop” Syke, another character from The Best Things in Life appears in the last dialogue of this book.

Doctor Rex Herrod, who works in an abortion clinic, is the only character other than Socrates who appears in every dialogue. Since rex means king in Latin his name is supposed to remind you of King Herod who killed many children to stop anyone from taking his throne.

Attila Tarian is the last character I will mention. He appears in the second and third dialogues. We first met him at a philosophy convention where he is giving a speech on the topic of abortion. Afterwards, he talks with Socrates. Like Herrod, he can’t stand up to Socrates’s questioning.

This book is set in three main places. The first dialogue is set in a hospital in Athens. The second is set in a convention hall in Athens. The third dialogue takes place in room 399 of a psychiatric ward in Athens.

This book ranks in the middle of the three Socrates books that I have reviewed. While it was better than The Best Things in Life I enjoyed the original Socratic dialogues by Plato more.



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