The Sparrow Princess

I received a free copy of this book from Story Cartel in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Sometime last week I read The Sparrow Princess by Russell Whitehead published by CreateSpace independent publishing platform in 2016.

Whitehead writes about the struggle between good and evil. Evil can cover up and twist the good in people for a time but eventually good wins as this book clearly shows.

The most important character in this book is Alenah. She is a princess. She is also an orphan.Her parents have been missing for a very long time and there is almost no hope of them ever coming back.Her evil aunt turns her into a sparrow so that she can be queen. Alenah escapes with the help of a sparrow named Gorman.

Another important character is Gorman. He has been in love with Alenah his whole life. The only problem  is that he’s a sparrow and she’s human. So, for him, it is a good thing that she was turned into a sparrow. He feels sorry for her though and wants to help her back into her true form.

Ernestynah used to be very beautiful. When Aaric, Alenah’s father, and his brother Aaron first saw her they raced to get to her the fastest so that they could propose. By foul play, Aaric got there first. He proposed and she accepted. When Aaric went to her house to take her to his home he found her sister Aliyah. He immediately realized that she, not Ernestynah, was the one for him. He secretly married Aliyah without telling Ernestynah. When Ernestynah found out she was heartbroken so she cast a spell turning Aliyah into a tree and trapping Aaric in a maze.

This story is set in a fantasy world that does not have a name. It is a world where all the animals could speak to you if you just had the patience to listen.

The climax of this story is when Aliyah gets hurt and spends the winter with an old man who nurses her back to health. Come spring, he decides that he doesn’t want to let her go. Aliyah tries her hardest to get out but the man always foils her plans.

I enjoyed this book. I thought that it was well written and a good story. The only flaw would be the hard  to pronounce names which makes it hard to talk about I would recommend this book.


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