The Best Things in Life

Last week I read The Best Things in Life by Peter Kreeft published by InterVarsity Press in 1984.

Kreeft writes about the conflict between the means and ends to happiness. You might think that something is an end but later you realize that it was just a means for a further end. He also writes that only by achieving knowledge, the ultimate end, can you ever really find happiness.

Socrates is the main character of this book. He is the only character that appears in all of the dialogues. He has come to help Peter Pragma and Felicia Flake find happiness.

Peter Pragma is the first person Socrates helps. He thinks that money is the greatest good but Socrates helps him see that money is only a means to what he buys with the money. Peter starts to think logically and critically with the help of Socrates.

Felicia Flake is the second student that Socrates helps. She only cares about what makes her feel good right in that moment. Socrates helps her see that there is more to life. Soon, like Peter, Felicia begins to think logically and critically.

The fourth character that I will mention is “Pop” Syke. He is Felicia’s guru. He doesn’t like to think he only feels. He can’t stand up to Socrates’ questioning, so we only see him for one dialogue.

This book is set at Desperate State the college Peter and Felicia attend. It’s not the best college and Socrates is constantly making fun of it.

The climax of this story is when Felecia is preparing her arguments on the topic there is no truth only more questions.

This book was not the best book I’ve ever read but it was still enjoyable. I think I liked The Last Days of Socrates better than  this book. I think it was the fact that  it was the Socrates from 2,500 years ago that I didn’t like. It would have been better if “Socrates” had been a teacher or a senior student.


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