The Last Battle

A couple of weeks ago I read The Last Battle by C. S. Lewis published by Collier Books in 1970.

Lewis writes about the conflict between truth and lies. The animals thought that the fake Aslan was real and they obeyed him. Eventually the truth came out though. The truth always comes out.

Tirian is currently king over Narnia. He is confused about Aslan’s actions but accepts them saying: Aslan is not a tame lion. Eventually he realizes the lie and tries to open the other Narnians eyes.

Jewel is a unicorn. He is Tirian’s best friend. He helps Tirian tell the other Narnians about the fake Aslan.

Eustace and Jill are in this book, too. As are all of the previous characters from Earth with the exception of Susan. I already introduced them in previous reviews though, so if you are interested you can read those.

Puzzle is a donkey. He is a friend/slave to Shift, an evil ape. He is tricked by Shift into putting on the lion skin and pretending to be Aslan. He is repentant though and allowed entrance into Aslan’s country.

This book is set in Narnia. It is a Narnia ruled by the fear of a fake Aslan. The animals are forced to work for the Calormenes and are only allowed to see “Aslan” once at nighttime so that they don’t see that they are being fooled. It is a sad and broken Narnia.

The climax of this book is when the last faithful old Narnians are fighting against the Calormenes. They are fighting against being forced into the stable where they think Tash, the demon god of the Calormenes is held.

I enjoyed this book. I liked that they brought  everyone from previous books back. I would recommend this book if you enjoyed the previous Narnia books.


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