The Unaborted Socrates

Last week I finished The Unaborted Socrates by Peter Kreeft, published by InterVarsity Press in 1983.

This book is centered around the issue of whether or not the fetus is a person. Socrates’s opponents can never conclusively prove that it isn’t. Until the question is resolved, the argument can’t move forward.

The main character of this book is a modern day Socrates. I already introduced him in a former review so I won’t here. “Pop” Syke, another character from The Best Things in Life appears in the last dialogue of this book.

Doctor Rex Herrod, who works in an abortion clinic, is the only character other than Socrates who appears in every dialogue. Since rex means king in Latin his name is supposed to remind you of King Herod who killed many children to stop anyone from taking his throne.

Attila Tarian is the last character I will mention. He appears in the second and third dialogues. We first met him at a philosophy convention where he is giving a speech on the topic of abortion. Afterwards, he talks with Socrates. Like Herrod, he can’t stand up to Socrates’s questioning.

This book is set in three main places. The first dialogue is set in a hospital in Athens. The second is set in a convention hall in Athens. The third dialogue takes place in room 399 of a psychiatric ward in Athens.

This book ranks in the middle of the three Socrates books that I have reviewed. While it was better than The Best Things in Life I enjoyed the original Socratic dialogues by Plato more.



The Pandora Device

I received a free copy of this book from Story Cartel in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

The Pandora Device is a book written by Joyce McPherson.

The Pandora Device is centered around the idea of using time travel to save loved ones. It can be tempting to try but deep inside you know that you can’t. Saving the person would cause a “butterfly effect.”

The main character of this book is Stella. She lives with her grandmother.She wants to know about her parents but her grandmother is reluctant  to talk about them. Then, she gets invited to a special exclusive camp that her parents attended. Excited to learn more about her parents, she decides to go.

Lindsey is Stella’s best friend. She also receives an invitation to Camp Hawthorne. She supports Stella and helps  her find out all she can about her parents.

Jayden is a boy from Stella’s school. They used to be great friends but lately Jayden has become cool and removed. All he does is read books.He didn’t want to go to Camp Hawthorne but his grandmother saw his acceptance letter and forced him to go. Stella hopes that they might fall back into their old friendship while at Camp Hawthorne.

Ellen is always mean to Stella. When Stella’s class was taking the test Ellen acted as if she didn’t want to go to Camp Hawthorne. Later, she got her dad to call the camp to guarantee she gets accepted. While at camp, Ellen changes and becomes nicer to Stella.

This story is set at Camp Hawthorne. The campers’ interesting arrival to the camp clues them in that this camp is different. They aren’t yet sure if it is a good different or a sinister different.

The climax of this story is when Stella has to make a decision. Will she turn in the pandora device to the evil Dr. Card or risk something bad happening to the rest of the campers?

I enjoyed this book. It is my favorite book that I have received from Story Cartel yet. I think the plot and the pacing was good. The only thing I didn’t like was that it seemed to be reusing a lot of plot points from other books. It is good for an author to reuse plot devices and other things that have worked for other authors in the past but this book had a little too much of that. Overall though it was a really good book that I would recommend.

The Sparrow Princess

I received a free copy of this book from Story Cartel in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Sometime last week I read The Sparrow Princess by Russell Whitehead published by CreateSpace independent publishing platform in 2016.

Whitehead writes about the struggle between good and evil. Evil can cover up and twist the good in people for a time but eventually good wins as this book clearly shows.

The most important character in this book is Alenah. She is a princess. She is also an orphan.Her parents have been missing for a very long time and there is almost no hope of them ever coming back.Her evil aunt turns her into a sparrow so that she can be queen. Alenah escapes with the help of a sparrow named Gorman.

Another important character is Gorman. He has been in love with Alenah his whole life. The only problem  is that he’s a sparrow and she’s human. So, for him, it is a good thing that she was turned into a sparrow. He feels sorry for her though and wants to help her back into her true form.

Ernestynah used to be very beautiful. When Aaric, Alenah’s father, and his brother Aaron first saw her they raced to get to her the fastest so that they could propose. By foul play, Aaric got there first. He proposed and she accepted. When Aaric went to her house to take her to his home he found her sister Aliyah. He immediately realized that she, not Ernestynah, was the one for him. He secretly married Aliyah without telling Ernestynah. When Ernestynah found out she was heartbroken so she cast a spell turning Aliyah into a tree and trapping Aaric in a maze.

This story is set in a fantasy world that does not have a name. It is a world where all the animals could speak to you if you just had the patience to listen.

The climax of this story is when Aliyah gets hurt and spends the winter with an old man who nurses her back to health. Come spring, he decides that he doesn’t want to let her go. Aliyah tries her hardest to get out but the man always foils her plans.

I enjoyed this book. I thought that it was well written and a good story. The only flaw would be the hard  to pronounce names which makes it hard to talk about I would recommend this book.

The Best Things in Life

Last week I read The Best Things in Life by Peter Kreeft published by InterVarsity Press in 1984.

Kreeft writes about the conflict between the means and ends to happiness. You might think that something is an end but later you realize that it was just a means for a further end. He also writes that only by achieving knowledge, the ultimate end, can you ever really find happiness.

Socrates is the main character of this book. He is the only character that appears in all of the dialogues. He has come to help Peter Pragma and Felicia Flake find happiness.

Peter Pragma is the first person Socrates helps. He thinks that money is the greatest good but Socrates helps him see that money is only a means to what he buys with the money. Peter starts to think logically and critically with the help of Socrates.

Felicia Flake is the second student that Socrates helps. She only cares about what makes her feel good right in that moment. Socrates helps her see that there is more to life. Soon, like Peter, Felicia begins to think logically and critically.

The fourth character that I will mention is “Pop” Syke. He is Felicia’s guru. He doesn’t like to think he only feels. He can’t stand up to Socrates’ questioning, so we only see him for one dialogue.

This book is set at Desperate State the college Peter and Felicia attend. It’s not the best college and Socrates is constantly making fun of it.

The climax of this story is when Felecia is preparing her arguments on the topic there is no truth only more questions.

This book was not the best book I’ve ever read but it was still enjoyable. I think I liked The Last Days of Socrates better than  this book. I think it was the fact that  it was the Socrates from 2,500 years ago that I didn’t like. It would have been better if “Socrates” had been a teacher or a senior student.

The Last Battle

A couple of weeks ago I read The Last Battle by C. S. Lewis published by Collier Books in 1970.

Lewis writes about the conflict between truth and lies. The animals thought that the fake Aslan was real and they obeyed him. Eventually the truth came out though. The truth always comes out.

Tirian is currently king over Narnia. He is confused about Aslan’s actions but accepts them saying: Aslan is not a tame lion. Eventually he realizes the lie and tries to open the other Narnians eyes.

Jewel is a unicorn. He is Tirian’s best friend. He helps Tirian tell the other Narnians about the fake Aslan.

Eustace and Jill are in this book, too. As are all of the previous characters from Earth with the exception of Susan. I already introduced them in previous reviews though, so if you are interested you can read those.

Puzzle is a donkey. He is a friend/slave to Shift, an evil ape. He is tricked by Shift into putting on the lion skin and pretending to be Aslan. He is repentant though and allowed entrance into Aslan’s country.

This book is set in Narnia. It is a Narnia ruled by the fear of a fake Aslan. The animals are forced to work for the Calormenes and are only allowed to see “Aslan” once at nighttime so that they don’t see that they are being fooled. It is a sad and broken Narnia.

The climax of this book is when the last faithful old Narnians are fighting against the Calormenes. They are fighting against being forced into the stable where they think Tash, the demon god of the Calormenes is held.

I enjoyed this book. I liked that they brought  everyone from previous books back. I would recommend this book if you enjoyed the previous Narnia books.