The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

During Christmas break i decided to write about The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C. S. Lewis published by Collier books in 1970.

Lewis writes about the conflict between the “modern” and the “old” ways. Obviously Lewis believes that the old ways are better and Eustace comes from the exact kind of modern family that Lewis despises. He shows that modern is bad by the way he portrays Eustace. By the end of the book, Eustace has made  complete turnaround.

Lucy and Edmund Penvensie return in this book, this time without their older sister and brother. Since they have been in the two previous books and I introduced them in a previous book review I won’t dwell on them. Instead, I will spend more time talking about the newer characters.

Another returning character was Prince Caspian. He is King Caspian now and in this book he is looking for the seven lords that Miraz had forced to leave when he was king. That was the reason the whole trip was first organized.

Eustace Clarence Scrubb almost deserved his name. He is the Penvensie’s cousin. He gets sucked into Narnia when Lucy and Edmund are visiting. he is a real jerk at first but eventually he comes around.

Reepicheep is a talking mouse of Narnia. In the previous book he had a very small part but he returns for a much bigger part in this book. He and Eustace don’t get along very well in the first part of this book but later, they become friends. The reason Repicheep is on the Dawn Treader is because of a prophecy that was said over him when he was a baby. it said that Repicheep would someday go to Aslan’s Country.

This book takes place mostly on the Dawn Treader. It’s King Caspian’s ship. The parts of the book that are not spent on the ship are spent on the islands in between Narnia and Aslan’s country.

The climax of this book is when King Caspian wants to go on to Aslan’s country but is prevented. he gets angry but he eventually realizes that it’s not his place to go on. He’s meant to go back to Narnia and be king there.

I enjoyed this book as I have enjoyed all the rest of the Narnia books. This one was good because it is the first one that hasn’t taken place in Narnia. It was also interesting seeing a new character from Earth who hasn’t been to Narnia before interacting with the people who have been to Narnia before. I would recommend this book.


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