Blind Spot

I received a free copy of this book from the Bethany House Blogger Review Program in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Blind Spot was written by by Dani Pettrey and published by Bethany House in  2017.

Blind Spot is about two groups of detectives. One group is trying to figure out how to stop a terrorist attack they believe will happen soon. The other group is looking into a suicide case. As you can imagine, the two cases are connected.

Declan and Tanner are assigned to work together on the terrorist case. They fall more and more in love with each other as they get closer and closer to cracking the case. Meanwhile, on the other case Declan’s former coach commits suicide. When Declan’s coworkers look into they begin to feel more and more like it wasn’t a suicide at all. What could these two cases possibly have in common?

I enjoyed this book. The many characters and the way the book jumps from case to case make it a little confusing at first but it is well worth the read. Also, the ending leaves a little bit to be desired. It felt like the author had reached her deadline and was trying to tie up all of the loose ends really fast. Other than that the book was great.


The Sword of Shannara

The Sword of Shannara was written by Terry Brooks and published in 1977 by The Random House Publishing Group.

Brooks writes about the conflict between man and the supernatural. It is not a fair fight but with planning and ingenuity, not to mention a magic sword, man just has a chance.

Shea Ohmsford was a normal guy until he met Allanon and his whole world got turned upside down. Allanon tells Shea that he is the only heir to Jerle Shannara and so only he can use the Sword of Shannara to destroy the Warlock Lord. Together with some friends, Shea and Allanon embark on a quest to find the Sword of Shannara and destroy the Warlock Lord.

This book was a little slow at the beginning but it picked up towards the middle and the end. Overall, I liked this book.

The Church History


mpbooks: Today on mpbooks we have a real treat for you. Maya Papaya is at the Colisseum reporting live the trials of five criminals. Over to you, Maya.

Papaya: Thank you mpbooks. Yes, I am currently in the Colisseum where in just a few minutes we will get to see how the Roman Empire deals with people who break the laws. Let’s see what the people have to say. Sir, any comment?

Random Roman Guy: What? erm, yes this seems to be quite the trial. I hear that if the Christians refuse to burn incense to the gods then they will set the bears on them. we haven’t had a good bear fight in weeks.

Papaya: Wow. Now… I didn’t catch your name

Manny: Manius Dossenius Vestorius

Papaya: Now Manny…

Manny: It’s Manius

Papaya: Whatever. Have you been to a lot of these brawls?

Manny: Of course I have. What do you take me for a peasant?

Papaya: Sorry I didn’t mean to offe…

(Manny storms off)

Papaya: Well it looks like the trials starting better grab a seat. Look here they come three men and two women. They look strangely peaceful despite what’s happening to them. Psst… what are the charges again?

Random Roman Woman: Shhh! You’re ruining the show!

(grumbles of agreement)

Papaya: Well I guess we’ll have to find out after… Oh wait! I think that guy’s reading them out right now!

Random Important Roman Guy: blah blah blah Christianity blah blah offer incense ( the accused shake their heads) blah blah blah bears

( everyone except the 5 Christians evacuate the arena)

( slowly a gate opens and a bear lumbers out and growls)

( cut to Maya Papaya standing outside the Coliseum)

Papaya: Sorry about that folks we assumed that these Christians would fold. We never believed that people could believe in something so much to die for it. And with such courage too. Maybe there is something to this religion after all Anyways over to you mpbooks.

mpbooks: Thank you, Maya. You can read more about martyrs and the persecution of Christians in The Church History by Eusebius translated by Paul L. Maier.

Hobbit Summary (Spoilers!)

Hello everyone sorry that I haven’t posted in forever but now I’m back and I’m going to resume posting on Saturdays. I’m hoping to get a fall schedule up later today so that you can see when I’ll be posting what. Now let’s just jump into this summary I wrote of the Hobbit!

Bilbo Baggins was a very respectable hobbit. He love to have parties, to give and receive gifts, but most of all, he love to eat.He had a nice, quiet life. That is until Gandalf stopped by that one fateful day. He offered Bilbo the chance to go on an adventure. Bilbo, respectable hobbit that he was, refused, “nasty uncomfortable things that make you late for dinner,” he called them. Little did Bilbo know that Gandalf wouldn’t give up that easily.

The next day there was a knock at the door, “must be Gandalf,” thought Bilbo remembering that he had invited the old wizard over the day before. He was very surprised when he opened the door to see, not the wizard, but a short man with a very bushy beard.

“Dwalin at your service,” the dwarf introduced himself.

“Bilbo Baggins at yours,” Bilbo answered very flustered. Without waiting to be invited in the dwarf stepped inside and proceeded to make himself at home. After a few more rings and quite a few knocks to Bilbo’s beautiful green door a company of thirteen dwarfs and one wizard was gathered inside his house. Bilbo demanded to know the meaning of this.

Thorin Oakenshield, for he was the head dwarf, promised everything would be explained in good time but only after a song. The dwarves then proceeded to sing a song about the mountains and forests far away. Somewhere deep inside Bilbo a kind of longing was  stirred to see the mountains and forests the dwarves sang about. After the song Gandalf introduced Bilbo as the burglar he had promised to find for the dwarves. “I’m, I’m no burglar,” Bilbo spluttered indignantly and the dwarves were quick to agree asking Gandalf why he had chosen this particular hobbit. Then that something inside Bilbo was stirred up again at this ridicule and he said he would go on the journey. The next morning Bilbo left with the dwarves bright and early forgetting in the rush his hat and pocket-handkerchief.

Soon after they started Bilbo and the dwarves found themselves in a pretty pickle. All of them but Bilbo had been captured by trolls who were discussing how they were going to cook them. Only by Gandalf’s ingenuity were they saved. The trolls lair was were Bilbo found his dagger which wold come in handy later in this book.

The next important thing happens while everyone’s asleep in a cave. Bilbo wakes up just in time to see the last of their ponies disappear into a crack in the back of the cave that wasn’t there when they fell asleep. He alerted Gandalf just as three goblins jump out of the blackness beyond where they had thought the cave ended.Gandalf made his escape but Bilbo and the dwarves were not so lucky. As they were being led by the goblins through the dark tunnels Gandalf reappeared and with his help everyone managed to escape.However, somewhere in the middle of the tussle Bilbo was knocked unconscious and left, fogotten by both goblins and dwarves in one of the darkest corners of the cave.

Bilbo woke up with a throbbing head. He lay there for a few minutes while he slowly remembered what had happened. Not remembering which way the dwarves had been going, Bilbo picked a direction and slowly crawled that way. Before long he came upon something cold and smooth on the ground. He picked it up and fingered it. It was a ring. Without thinking he put the ring in his pocket and crawled until he reached an underground lake.On this lake there lived a creature called Gollum. He had seen the hobbit coming and had gotten in his boat hoping to get himself an easy meal by way of a game of riddles. If Bilbo won Gollum would show him the way out. If Gollum won he would eat the poor hobbit.Enraged when he lost the game, Gollum chased Bilbo. As he was running Bilbo stuck his hand into his  pocket and the ring slipped onto his finger. It turned him invisible! With the ring Bilbo was able to escape Gollum and the Goblins and rejoin the dwarves.

After several other escapades including being rescued from burning trees by eagles, meeting a shape-changer named Beorn, and Bombur falling asleep because he fell into a mystic river, the dwarves found themselves tied up by huge spiders with only Bilbo to save them.He managed to do so and they found that Thorin was missing. As they were looking for him they, all except Bilbo that is, were captured by wood-elves. Bilbo slipped his  ring on his finger and quietly followed his friends back to the wood-elves fort. There Bilbo found that Thorin was being held there as well. He managed to devise a plan to get them out of there which involved packing the dwarves into barrels and rolling them into the river.

When they got to their destination they were treated like royalty. They wanted to stay but they knew they had to finish their quest. They managed to get into the cave where Smaug lived by a little passage that even the dragon didn’t know about. When they finally got the courage to all go down together they found the dragon gone. Little did they know that a man by the name of Bard had killed the dragon just a couple of days before. Their quest was over! Or so they thought.

Bard came with some men asking for some gold to compensate for the damages to Lake-town. Greedy Thorin wouldn’t budge. Bilbo helped with the negotiations by giving Bard the coveted Arkenstone which he knew Thorin would do anything to get back. At first Thorin was angry with Bilbo, but eventually he agreed that Bilbo had done the right thing.

The last big event before the end is the Battle of the Five Armies. It ends with Thorin and Fili and Kili, the two youngest dwarves, dying. Bilbo is sent home with a cartload of treasure. He lives in peace for a while  visiting the elves and writing poetry but he has lost his title of respectable for forever.

All the quotes were taken from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit.

Heart on the Line

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Heart on the Line was written by Karen Witemeyer and published by Bethany House in 2017.

Witemeyer writes about doing what’s good for you and doing the right thing. Grace could have just handed over the books and be done with the whole business but she knew the right thing to do would be to hand them over to the proper authorities.

Grace Mallory is the telegraph operator at Harper’s Station. Some way or another she begins to talk to a fellow operator Mr. A. Their friendship is cut short when she receives a cryptic message: He knows where you are. Coming for you. Sorry.

Amos Bledsoe’s mother and sister think it’s high time he found a wife. His only escape from their perpetual pestering is the telegraph office where he talks to a Miss G. When he hears that she is in danger he rushes to her rescue. Little does he know what he’s getting himself into.

This book is set at Harper’s Station an all women community.

The climax of this book is when Grace realizes that Lockhart was the man who killed her father and that he would have no qualms about killing her and Amos too.

I liked this book. I thought it had a nice beginning and ending but the middle dragged on a little. I’m probably not going to be reading the rest of the series.

Death on the Nile

Ok so first I want to say sorry for not posting for so long I’ve been really busy.

Death on the Nile is my next installation to my Hercule Poirot series. Basically the scene starts out on a boat. Linnet Ridgeway asks Hercule Poirot if he can get rid of Jacqueline De Bellefort. Hercule Poirot asks why and the story unfolds. Jacqueline was engaged to marry Simon Doyle. She asked Linnet to give him a job. Linnet says she will have to interview Simon first. The two meet and instantly fall in love. They get married right away. Jacqueline, needless to say, is angry. She follows them everywhere they go on they’re honeymoon. She doesn’t threaten them, touch them, or do anything wrong to them. She’s just there and because of her ceaseless presence, the two cannot enjoy themselves. Poirot tells Linnet that since Jacqueline is not doing anything to him he can do nothing. he advises her to try to ignore her and enjoy herself. Linnet begins to do just that. Seeing that her strategy has failed, Jacqueline shoots Simon in a fit of rage. She instantly regrets it. Later, Linnet is found dead. Who did it if both Jacqueline and Simon were proved to be in their rooms all night?


My Alien

My Alien was written by Robin Martin and published by Bennet Lane Press in 2016.

Martin writes about the conflict between doing what’s right and peer pressure. Zoe wanted to hang out with her friends at unsupervised parties and eat junk food but her alien pressured her to do what was right.

Zoe is the main character in this story. She had just broken into the popular group and started making headway with her crush when an alien decided to inhabit her. At first she tries as hard as she could to get rid of the alien but eventually they become friends.

Orion is the alias the alien adopts because Orion is his home constellation. I’m not going to talk too much about Rion because that would lead to major spoilers.

Jas is Zoe’s “best” friend. She’s the most popular girl in school so Zoe becomes popular by association. She’s not a very good friend though and with the help of Rion Zoe begins to realize that.

Harry has been friend with Zoe since kindergarten. Zoe always thought they were just friends but Harry wants to be more than that. Things get awkward between them quick.

The climax of this book was when Orion realized he would either have to leave Zoe for ever of stay a human.

I really enjoyed this book. The plot was cohesive and it left you on kind of a cliff-hanger that makes you want to read the next book. I would definitely recommend this book and am looking forward to the sequel.

Murder on the Orient Express

This book is set on the Orient Express.  A man named Rachett asks Poirot for his help> Poirot declines saying that he simply does not like Rachett’s face. The next day Rachett is found murdered. Everyone on the train has a good alibi. Who did it?

Name: Mary Debenham

Motive: None apparent

Suspicious Circumstances: Was overheard saying suspicious things Colonel Arbuthnot


Name:Princess Dragomiroff

Motive: None Apparent

Suspicious Circumstances: None that we know of


Name: Mrs. Hubbard

Motive: None Apparent

Suspicious Circumstances: A knife was found in her sponge bag. A handkerchief with the initial “H” was found in the Rachett’s compartment.


Name: Colonel Arbuthnot

Motive: None apparent

Suspiscious circumstances: Was overheard saying suspicious things to Mary Debenham. A pipe cleaner for his pipe was found in Rachett’s compartment.


Name: Countess Andreyi

Motive: None apparent

Suspicious circumstances: Grease spot on her passport. Handkerchief was found with her initial on it in Rachett’s compartment


Name: Greta Ohlsson

Motive: None apparent

Suspicious circumstances: None that we know of


Name: Antonio Foscarelli

Motive: None apparent

Suspicious Circumstances: Bouc doesn’t trust Italians.


Name: Hardman

Motive: None apparent

Suspicious Circumstances: None that we know of


Name: Hildegarde Schmidt

Motive: None apparent

Suspicious Circumstances: None that we know of


Name: Hector MacQueen

Motive: Anger against Rachett, his former employeer

Suspicious circumstances: None that we know of


Name: Count Andreyi

Motive: None apparent

Suspicious Circumstances: None


Name: Pierre Michel

Motive: None apparent

Suspicious Circumstances: Could’ve killed Rachett while everyone was asleep





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